Spider Control Temecula

Spiders are no stranger to the residents and business owners of Temecula, California. In our experience spiders are one of the most commonly despised pests. What many of our customers don’t realize until talking with us is that spiders enter your home, typically to eat the other insects and pests that are already present. We don’t always pay attention to the smaller pests like ants, figuring they will go away on their own.

While some of these pests can possibly do just that, it doesn’t prevent the spiders from seeking out this food source. While that aspect of having spiders in your home could be considered a benefit, some spiders can bite and is why many people despise them.

While most spiders are harmless in that if you get bitten you won’t suffer any major reactions, there are two spiders that should be approached with caution at all times: brown recluse and black widow.

Temecula Black Widows

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Black widows are easily identified by their unique markings and aren’t regularly found in homes but it isn’t uncommon to discover them in a closet, basement, garage or other dark area of your property. If you discover a black widow in or outside of your property call our spider control experts right away. Don’t risk getting bitten and let us help you discover if any more black widows are present in the area to ensure complete elimination.

Temecula Brown Recluse

The brown recluse gets it’s name because it prefers to remain in areas where it can easily hide. Also identified by unique markings, both brown recluse and black widows are poisonous and they can bite if threatened.

If you are bit by a poisonous spider it’s important that you seek medical help right away. Prevent an infection and worse by calling your physician to determine proper treatment. Call our spider control experts at (951) 335-4824 to come and remove the poisonous spiders from your home. Your safety and the safety of your family is important to us. Let us help protect your property from all types of spiders.