Flea Control Temecula

flea control
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Fleas often come into the home when you have pets. Your pets acquire the fleas while out and about and then bring them inside the home. This can be a big nuisance and we understand the urge to get rid of them, and quickly.

The treating of your pets is also important when treating a home for fleas. Fleas will bite and can quickly multiply, creating a larger infestation in no time at all. We don’t always notice fleas right away because of their small size and quick jumping. If you notice your pets scratching more than usual or have small bites after sitting on your couch or walking through your home, give us a call.

Our flea control treatments are safe and effective. In addition to providing quality flea control services we can further educate you on how to prevent them from becoming a problem again. Pets that are indoor and outdoor need to be treated or protected regularly to avoid a flea infestation from occurring. If you believe you might have a flea issue give our experts a call at (951) 335-4824 today. We’d be more than happy to help!