Cockroach Control Temecula

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Cockroaches are a disgusting pest that nobody wants to deal with. In-store solutions are readily accessible but aren’t always successful in eliminating the roach infestation in your home or business. Roaches carry diseases that can be transferred to humans and cause sickness which is why we advise seeking professional cockroach control immediately after seeing cockroach activity in your home. The earlier you catch the issue the better chance you have of quick elimination.

The most common roaches we’ve treated in the Temecula area include American roaches, German roaches and brown-banded roaches. The type of roach problem you have will determine our method for treating it. When you call us with a cockroach issue be ready to describe the size and color and location you noticed activity to better help us devise the right solution.

Water Bugs in Temecula

Water bugs are often mistaken for American cockroaches and this may be due to slight similarity in their appearances. Water bugs can easily be found in homes, especially when they are in search of more favorable temperatures and/or in search of a fresh food and water supply.  Water bugs gain entrance into your home the same way other pests do; through small holes and cracks. If you think you may have a water bug issue, give our cockroach control techs a call today!

Cockroach Control in Temecula

If you’ve discovered any type of cockroach, or what you believe to be a cockroach, call us right away. We can help you identify the type of cockroach and then provide a treatment plan. We can typically provide a ball-park figure on how much our services cost based on certain criteria that we will ask when you call. Otherwise, we are more than happy to help you schedule a time for a pest inspection. Call our cockroach control techs today at (951) 335-4824 and let us help you remove these disease-carrying pests.