Temecula Ant Control

Ants are a very common pest in the Temecula area. They can be found in a variety of structures including homes and businesses where food and water are often located. Indoor plants are no exception to ant hiding places because every time you water your plants the ants have a water supply.

You will find around 200 species of ants in the California region with the most common ant being the Argentine ant. However, you may also notice other ants commonly found in Temecula such as fire ants, odorous house ants and pharoah ants.

Pharaoh Ants in Temecula

temecula ant control
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Pharaoh ants are the most common to find in homes. About 1/16 inch in length and a light orange-yellow color Pharaoh ants particularly enjoy sweet foods. In addition to fats and proteins. These are the ants that you’ve probably noticed along your countertops, baseboards and the floors.¬† They can also find many other areas in your home to build nests which can make it hard to get rid of them.

Argentine Ants in Temecula

Argentine ants can destroy structures and therefore are a pest that needs to be eliminated once discovered. They are more aggressive than most ants but easily accept other ants making it easy to create one large colony. It’s surprising to know that such a small ant (1/8 inch long) can cause so much damage and many of our clients aren’t aware of this.

You will find Argentine ants in moist soil, trees, landscapes, bark, under sidewalks or in the cracks. They prefer sweets so should they gain entrance to your home it may take some time to get rid of them. That’s where our Temecula ant control experts come in handy.

Fire Ants in Temecula

We have received numerous calls regarding treatment of fire ants and it’s no surprise. Fire ants can be painful if you disturb their nest; it only encourages their aggressive behavior.

Fire ants will build nests that appear as mounds. Often found in grassy areas but they can also build nests in walls, under the sidewalk or in rotting wood. If you come across a mound, or more, due to fire ants give our Temecula ant control techs a call right away. We’ll come out and treat the ants.

Odorous House Ants in Temecula

Odorous house ants put off a strong odor when smashed or stepped on. They will feed on insects, both alive and dead, and their trails are typically noticed along the edges of carpet. Should these ants invade your home you will most likely notice them along the carpet’s edge or around your water¬† heater and pipes. They can be shiny black or dark brown and are 1/8 inch in length. If you think you may have odorous house ants in your home call our Temecula ant control exterminators today!

If you’ve noticed ants in your home and they are increasing it’s time to give us a call. Let our Temecula ant control exterminators solve your ant problem with a no-hassle visit. Call (951) 335-4824 today to get a free estimate!