Professional Pest Control Services

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Welcome to A+ Pest Control. We provide quality pest control services to the Temecula, CA and surrounding areas. Whether you’re dealing with rats, mice, roaches, fleas, bed bugs or any other pest, we’re the company to call.

We ensure our technicians are constantly up to date on the latest, most effective pest control techniques used to combat pests quickly and safely. In addition to providing outstanding services we also provide a variety of treatment plans to better suit our customer’s needs. Don’t want to sign a contract? We have those plans available too!

Affordable Pest Control In Temecula

A+ Pest Control treats homes for pests. The most common pests we’ve dealt with lately include bed bugs, roaches, fleas and ants. The weather can have an impact on a pest issue but we highly suggest you give us a call and tell us about your problem and we can tell you just how we can help.

If you have pets or children don’t worry; our plans are safe and we’ll advise you of how our treatments so work so that you can be prepared prior to the service.  Have questions about your pest? Give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

Commercial Extermination Services

We also provide pest treatments for commercial properties in the Temecula, CA area. A+ Pest Control understands how important having a pest-free facility is for businesses which is why we provide only the most effective services. Whether you have roaches in the kitchen or ants taking over your rooms, we’re here to help.

Whatever pest issue you’re having, give A+ Pest Control a call today! Ask about our service plans and consider our regular treatments (monthly, quarterly, yearly) if that might better suit your preferences. We’d be happy to prove to you why we take our customers seriously and are the best pest control choice for you if you live in Temecula. Just phone us at (951) 335-4824 today to learn more.